BetterCloud is Introducing the First-ever Unified SaaS Management Platform

Managing the SaaS Powered Workplace (5 Years in the Making)

David Politis, Founder and CEO of BetterCloud

When we started BetterCloud five years ago, we noticed a trend–one that was affecting organizations of all sizes, industries, and geographies. SaaS would one day dominate the workplace.

Today, the SaaS-Powered Workplace is becoming the norm. Companies founded in the last three or four years are living in the browser, using SaaS apps for every part of their business. We’ve seen our early customers (who were early adopters of Google Apps, now G Suite) rapidly add more and more SaaS apps. At this point, the shift to the SaaS-Powered Workplace is the next multi-year project for many of the world’s largest enterprises.

We’re seeing niche SaaS apps pop up by the dozens. I believe that in 10 years, companies won’t even need custom apps. There will be a SaaS app to fill every need and they’ll be customizable enough to fit organization-specific use cases. There are already SaaS apps built for nearly every vertical, job function, and company size.

As our company has grown, we’ve worked with tens of thousands of forward-thinking IT leaders and they have constantly pushed us to think about ways to solve all the challenges that have been created by the rise of the SaaS-Powered Workplace.

Two years ago we made the decision to take on the complex engineering challenge to build a platform that could solve these challenges. Finally today, after two years of work we’re excited to announce the first-ever unified SaaS management (USM) platform.

Our unified SaaS management platform helps organizations:

Centralize data, settings, privileges, and users across SaaS apps. Our unified SaaS management platform creates a command center for the SaaS-Powered Workplace.

Automate critical and complex IT tasks. IT spends too much time running through repeatable checklists, constantly jumping from one admin console to another. BetterCloud enables IT to thoroughly automate deeply complex tasks across SaaS apps.

Govern their environment with operational intelligence. Instead of receiving hard-to-decipher logs, BetterCloud translates logs and activity from an organization’s SaaS apps into contextual and actionable alerts, giving IT the vital operational knowledge needed to succeed.

If you’re interested in learning more about the SaaS-Powered Workplace and Unified SaaS Management, I wrote up a much more detailed post on our media property, the BetterCloud Monitor. Read the full post.