Large Market Opportunity

We like to find and make investments in large, fast moving markets where technology trends create an environment suited for disruption by emerging companies.

Compelling Growth Characteristics

We invest at the growth equity stage in companies with a defined business model, proven value proposition, and customer traction through revenue. We believe this is the inflection point of value creation in high growth companies.

Premium Positioning

The team will focus on companies that are positioned at the forefronts of their markets, with the ability to become #1 or #2 in their specific market sectors.

Top Tier Management / Partnership Focus

We will invest in and build leadership teams with the vision, passion and experience to drive growth in rapidly changing markets. Through our history, we have preferred to partner with founders and management to help them achieve their goals.

Post Investment Value Add

Typically, we will seek Board representation, as our experience building successful, high growth companies will add value to our partner companies and increase their likelihood of breakout success. We have years of experience identifying M&A targets and have worked with management in negotiating transactions as well as sourcing and establishing partnerships.

Investment Characteristics

  • High growth, tech-enabled companies in sectors including Cloud, Mobile, and Communications Infrastructure
  • Geographic focus on the East Coast with a specific concentration on New York as an emerging center for technology and innovation
  • Emerging revenue base at the inflection point of accelerating growth
  • Defined business model with profitability or path to profitability
  • Minority or majority growth investments
  • Investing $10-200 million over the course of the investment